Verizon COLT

Verizon COLT

The Pocono 500 weekend (June 5-7, 2009) will have an extra participant that will make it easier to use cell phones at the racetrack. Verizon will be deploying their COLT (Cell on Light Truck) which will process thousands of calls per hour and help race enthusiasts stay connected.

The COLT provides extra capacity for Verizon customers and is part of Verizon’s efforts to enhance their wireless network capabilities in the Philadelphia Tri-State Region.

The Verizon Wireless COLT has:

Two retractable masts,
Microwave antenna for linking network components,
Emergency power generator, and
A small office.

It is anticipated that Verizon will have five times the number of wireless calls compared to a normal weekend for this area. The decision to use the COLTs allows Verizon to be prepared for the surge in usage and contine to provide their customers with quality service.

The COLTs are also outfitted to be ready for use in disaster or emergency areas and stocked with additional resources such as fuel, food, water, electrical generators and cots.

Having the ability to move quickly and deploy these vehicles, whether for a pleasure event such as the Pocono 500 or in case of an emergency provides a valuable benefit for cell phone users.

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