Spotify for Android

Spotify for Android

Streaming music service Spotify have stepped up their game in spectacular style by announcing a mobile app.

In case it’s passed you by until now, Spotify is a music fan’s dream. As long as you have an internet connection you never need to buy any music ever again. Simply type in the name of an artist, song or album and within seconds you’re listening to it. Playlists can be shared between users and you can even listen to whole albums if you choose. The service is funded by advertisements that play occasionally between songs or you can upgrade to an ad-free Premium service.

Until now Spotify has been entirely desktop-based but the new mobile app, announced at the Google I/O conference, makes the service even more compelling.

Suddenly you’re freed from the shackles of your computer and can legally take music you’ve not bought out on the road with you. Just like the desktop version, you can search for music in Spotify’s library and stream it online via your phone’s data connection.

Listening online could get expensive with all that data being used, and your battery won’t thank you for it either. Thankfully, the app allows you to download playlists onto your phone to listen to later. Rival service Last.fm has been offering a mobile music service for a while, but you can’t listen to whole albums and you’re restricted to streaming music over your data connection.

Spotify have stressed that the app is a work in progress with no release date announced as yet. You can watch a Youtube demonstration of this game-changing application here. Only an Android version has emerged so far although Spotify recently advertised for staff to work on software for a number of mobile platforms, including iPhone and S60 so look out for news about them in the coming months.

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