Slingplayer Mobile for Android

Slingplayer Mobile for Android

Today Sling has released it’s television placeshifting app to the Android Market.  The software, which has been on iPhone and Android platforms for a while, will allow owners of Sling’s set top boxes to watch their video on the go from their Android phone.

A Slingbox is a set top device which can be connected to your TV and allow you to stream live television over the internet. Originally intended for watching live TV on remote computers (or other TVs via the Slingplayer box), Sling has expanded into the mobile market with the explosion of smartphones. In addition to the iPhone and Blackberry platforms, Slingplayer Mobile has been available to select Windows Mobile, Palm, and Symbian phones.

Not only will users be able to view live TV streamed from their home, but they will have complete control over their box to navigate channels, watch on demand video, and set their DVR to record. Video can be streamed over both WiFi and 3G for viewing wherever you are.  Not all Slingbox models are officially supported so check the app description to make sure yours made the cut before purchasing. Slingplayer Mobile is available in the Android Market for $29.99.

Source: Electronista

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