Palm releases WebOS SDK

Palm releases WebOS SDK

Apple’s iPhone SDK and App Store have created a thriving community of developers and a strong market for applications.  And that took Apple a year to make public after the release of the original iPhone.  Just over a month after the release of the Pre, Palm has released the Mojo SDK which allows developers to write applications for their new WebOS.

The SDK can be downloaded from their new portal called Palm WebOSdev.  Anyone who registers on the site can download the SDK and begin developing applications for WebOS.

One distinct advantage that the Mojo SDK over the iPhone is that its apps are written in commonly used web languages.  Palm programs developed web languages like Javascript, HTML, and CSS.  The SDK itself can be installed on a Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux PC.  It only requires that users install VirtualBox, Sun’s free virtual machine software, beforehand.

WebOSdev includes all sorts of resources to get developers started with using the Mojo SDK.  It contains developer guides, interface guidelines, and sample applications to let devs see what a WebOS application looks like.  They’ve even got a section of UI tips that Palm has learned from their experiences working with the early access developers.

Those interested in downloading the SDK can find it at  There are already dev camps around the country planned to familiarize users with WebOS development.

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