Nokia N97

Nokia N97

The Nokia N97 is now available in the United States and the price seems to be the one feature that is a complete surprise. Ready to shell out $700?

The Nokia N97 is an unlocked and fully featured, but only available through Nokia’s flagship stores in New York, Chicago and online. Since you aren’t purchasing it through a service provider there are no breaks in pricing.

Nokia has sold other models direct to consumer and this is not a new idea with them. What isn’t going to bode well for Nokia is that the timing may not be the best as the iPhone 3G S and the Palm Pre have just started selling.

One benefit to the Nokia N97 is that consumers aren’t locked into contracts with a specific service provider and can shop out the best deals for service. The other two new smartphones must be purchased through specific service providers and for set contract periods.

The downside of not having a set carrier is that there is no way to offset the price and this could be the biggest deterrent to someone trying the Nokia N97 instead of one of the other two smartphones.

One advantage to not being locked into long term commitments is that you can try out different service providers to see just how good their service will be and what pricing plans will suit your needs best. Once you get over the initial price of the N97 that is.


Image Courtesy of Nokia

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