Wimbledon Android Application from IBM

Wimbledon Android Application from IBM

At Wimbledon, Twitterati young and old will feverishly tweet 140 character reports while others send SMS directly and some even make voice calls to convey what’s happening during the tournament. But this year, IBM brings location-aware visualization technology to aggregate and deliver court-side updates in real-time.

IBM’s team of tweeters for the tournament, commentators and even the players themselves will update a Wimbledon specific Twitter stream. Seer Aggregator will deliver real time details and scores along with useful information like seat availability, how long the wait in line is at the moment and even the general atmosphere of the event. IBM will also release an iPhone application that delivers tournament information directly to your phone at any wi-fi connected or carrier covered location if you just can’t manage to break away for Wimbledon this June.

Seer Android Beta will only be available to VIP guests this year. The application, which is specifically designed to run on the G1, takes a big step beyond Seer Aggregator’s real time updates by combining video and GPS data with the handset’s built-in compass and camera to deliver an augmented reality experience.

So, if you’re a VIP, pointing your phone’s camera toward a building at Wimbledon will instantly provide information on what’s going on inside that particular location. Real-time updates are delivered to the phone when the application sends image and location data to a database which identifies the image and reports details from Seer Aggregator. Additional layers of relevant information and media are also included with the Seer Android Beta application.


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