AlarmTunes for iPhone

AlarmTunes for iPhone

If you’re an iPhone owner, you know Apple didn’t give access to iTunes music as part of the built in clock app on iPhone. If you prefer to march to the beat of a different drum, this new app is a must have. It runs as a stand alone alarm clock on iPhone and, instead of only offering the standard alarm and ringtone sounds, it gives access to your entire iTunes library.

Exclusively designed for iTunes 3.0 and available in the App Store for $0.99 (link opens iTunes), AlarmTunes enables iTunes music alarms. You just open the app, set the alarm time and pick a song you want to hear as your alarm. You can also choose a playlist from iTunes, select several songs to play at alarm time or just choose shuffle mode if you’re into randomness.  The alarm music fades in slowly, so it’s not a jolting experience. There’s also a big snooze button, so you can start your day by putting things off.

There’s a warning on the app description about the only drawback. The app has to remain loaded in order for the alarm to trigger at the prescribed time. If you hit the home button or play a game and forget to turn AlarmTunes back on before putting the phone down, you’ll have to use that age old excuse, “My alarm didn’t go off!” Leaving the app running seems to drain the batter a bit faster than normal standby, but that’s no problem if you keep your iPhone charging on the nightstand.

Another slight drawback I noticed is the lack of repeat alarms. With other phone alarms, I’ve had the ability to set a specific wake-up alarm time for Monday though Friday and maybe different times for the weekend days and a few more alarms for certain things I have to remember each week on certain days or nights. AlarmTunes gives a great interface for saving a bunch of specific alarm times, but no ability to choose days of the week or repeat alarms. Hopefully they’ll update the app soon with what has come to be basic alarm functionality.

Overall, it’s a great app that’s very intuitive and simple to use. It’s well worth the $0.99 and could easily be worth more if Apple would include the ability for simple apps like this to run in the background.

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