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Adobe has finally announced the release of Flash 10.1 mobile to be built into smartphones. Flash 10.1 has been in beta for a while on the Android platform, and will be released to Android 2.2 devices in the market today. Adobe is also releasing Flash Mobile to platform partners so it can be included in other operating systems such as Windows Mobile, webOS, Blackberry and others.

Adobe hopes that Flash 10.1 will bring the experience of the regular web to mobile users.  Smartphones will no longer be deprived of the ability to run flash games, websites, video, and more.  It includes an emphasis on touch input, accelerometers, and “Smart Zooming” which will scale content into full screen mode. Adobe’s Smart Rendering makes sure that Flash is only rendered when it is on screen, saving battery life.

It also includes some memory management that Adobe claims “decreases content usage of RAM by up to 50 percent.” When receiving a phone call Flash player pauses automatically and then resumes when you return to the browser. I’ve spent some time with Flash on my Evo and I can say that it is an impressive experience. I was able to seamlessly watch video and play Flash games in full screen.

Source: BGR

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