Adobe Flash 10 for Smartphones

Adobe Flash 10 for smartphones

According to their presentation on Q2 2009 Financials, Adobe will be bringing their Flash 10 for smartphones into beta this fall on several different platforms.  More notable, however, might be the platforms that weren’t included in the presentation.

The slide shows that a beta will be made available to smartphones this October at Adobe’s Max conference.  In the presentation, Adobe stated that the operating systems that they are working with to bring Flash to their devices are Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Palm’s new WebOS.  There are two very big names missing from that list: Apple’s iPhone OS and RIM’s Blackberry OS.

Apple is very picky about what they let run on the iPhone, and are very adamant about not allowing any other runtime environments run in their OS.  Steve Jobs has more or less said that Flash, as it is, simply isn’t fast enough to run on the iPhone.  Apple is also very concerned about battery life and surely doesn’t want to allow something that will drain that too hard.  But Adobe’s CEO has stated that it is on them to create something Apple will accept.

RIM, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have much to say about adding support to their devices.  A third party may be the first to get Flash onto Blackberry devices.  Skyfire is planning to release it’s mobile browser to the Blackberry OS with full support for Flash.  If they can’t improve the browsing experience on their devices, RIM is in danger of falling way behind their competitors.

[Adobe Q2 2009 Fiscal Year Financial Results]

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